Early Stage Researcher

Mónica Rodríguez de Luna

ESR1: Climate Governance in a Multipolar World Order

Host Institution: University of Hamburg

Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti

ESR2: Comparative Analysis of the Role of Identity in Indian, Turkish and Russian Foreign Security Policies

Host Institution: Middle East Technical University

Ali Lantukh

ESR3: The BRICS and South-South Development Cooperation

Host Institution: PUC Rio de Janeiro

Miklós Kornél Lázár

ESR4: Public Private Relations and the Promotion of Global Social Standards

Professional Host Institution: Jaguar Land Rover

Academic Host Institution: University of Oxford

Débora Terra

ESR5: The Consequences of Limited Material Capacity for Brazil’s Foreign Policy

Host Institution: University of Lisbon

Martin Pioch

ESR6: Emerging Powers in the IMF and the WTO: Group Hegemony, Multilateral Cooperation or Westphalian Reassertion?

Host Institution: Saint Petersburg State University

Mingde Wang

ESR7: Emerging Powers and the Changing Character of Global Governance

Host Institution: University of Oxford

Melina Breitegger

ESR8: International Organizations, the Global Poverty Debate and the Role of Emerging Powers

Host Institution: Stellenbosch University

Fleur Huijskens

ESR9: China, the EU, and International Crisis Management

Host Institution: Fudan University

Felipe Albuquerque

ESR10: Brazil and Africa: Security Cooperation within the South Atlantic

Host Institution: University of Lisbon

Insa Ewert

ESR11: American and European Perceptions of the Rise of Regional Powers

Host Institution: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Deepak Raj Pandaya

ESR12: Old powers’ reactions and responses to the rise of India

Host Institution: Jawaharlal-Nehru-University

Manaíra Assunção

ESR13: Domestic Health Expert Communities and Policies. Shaping South-South cooperation of Brazil, China, India and South Africa

Host Institution: University of Hamburg

Experienced Researcher

Dr. Beverley Loke

ER1: Analytical Framework: Power and Region

Host Institution: University of Oxford

Dr. Faiz Sheikh

ER2: Analytical Framework: De-Centring Regional Power

Host Institution: University of Hamburg