Insa Ewert

Insa Ewert

ESR11: American and European Perceptions of the Rise of Regional Powers

Host Institution: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Contact: insa.ewert(at)

I am a political scientist with a background in development studies. While experiencing and questioning how the way we think impacts our actions has always intrigued me, this broad field of study sharpened my awareness of the inherent subjectivity of understanding the world. My curiosity for developing my own understandings led me to China and subsequently into the field of policy-making in the European Parliament. The current reconfiguration of the international order not only increases the visibility of ethnocentrisms but offers possibilities to equally take `othersĀ“ perceptions and ideas into account in international policy making as they are voiced more prominently.

I am interested in processes of foreign policy making of the EU via China in terms of knowledge generation and networks as well as their impact on perceptions and images of China by decision makers in the European Institutions. In my research I hope to highlight underlying premises on which decisions are made and identify points of departure for a more differentiated China policy.