ER 1: Analytical Framework – Power and Region

Of great importance for the proposed ITN and the expected complementarities and synergies
between the research teams are the concepts of power and region.
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Host: University of Oxford
Researcher: Dr Beverley Loke

Project ER 2: Analytical Framework: De-Centring Regional Power

The rise of regional powers has coincided with a second shift in world politics: the increasing
importance of non-state actors.
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Host: University of Hamburg
Researcher: Dr Faiz Sheikh

Project ESR 1: Climate Governance in a Multipolar World Order

Global warming obviously ranks among the most pressing issues of our times. Nonetheless, the
performance of international institutions – most notably the UNFCCC – has declined sharply in recent
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Host: University of Hamburg
Researcher: Mónica Rodríguez de Luna

Project ESR 2: Comparative Analysis of the Role of Identity in Indian, Turkish and Russian Foreign Security Policies

Starting from the assumption that both international and regional dynamics shape the emergence of
regional powers in a multipolar world order, this project is interested in how individual states respond
to this changing environment.
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Host: Middle East Technical University
Researcher: Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti

Project ESR 3: The BRICS and South–South Development Cooperation

The entrance of emerging powers, especially the BRICS states, into the field of development aid has
been intensely debated among academics and public and private actors involved in development
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Host: PUC Rio de Janeiro

Project ESR 4: Public Private Relations and the Promotion of Global Social Standards

Economic globalization has led to the need for a fundamental rethink of the relationships between states, markets and civil society.
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Host: Jaguar Land Rover, University of Oxford
Researcher: Miklós Kornél Lázár

Project ESR 5: The Consequences of limited material capacity for Brazil’s foreign policy

This project deals with the strategies and policies of Brazil’s rise.
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Host: University of Lisbon
Researcher: Débora Terra

Project ESR 6: Emerging powers in the IMF and the WTO: group hegemony, multilateral cooperation or Westphalian reassertion?

Emerging powers have actively engaged in international institutions, seeking either to reshape or reform the existing rules of the game.
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Host: Saint Petersburg State University
Researcher: Martin Pioch

Project ESR 7: Emerging Powers and the Changing Character of Global Governance

Much existing work on regional powers and the global order examines the policies of emerging powers such as China, India, Brazil and South Africa towards formal international organizations – for example, China and the UN, India and the WTO.
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Host: University of Oxford
Researcher: Mingde Wang

Project ESR 8: International organizations, the global poverty debate and the role of emerging powers

Emerging powers have sought to engage in a wide spectrum of international organizations in an attempt to accord higher priority to poverty alleviation in global governance debates.
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Host: Stellenbosch University
Researcher: Melina Breitegger

Project ESR 9: China, the EU, and international crisis management

As regional powers emerge, they face not only power politics but also a broad range of global and regional governance challenges, such as traditional security crises, financial crises, and terrorism crises.
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Host: Fudan University
Researcher: Fleur Huijskens

Project ESR 10: Brazil and Africa: security cooperation within the South Atlantic

Brazil’s strategy as a rising power involves a stronger presence on the African continent. Conversely, African countries have been receptive and willing to enhanced cooperation with Brazil.
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Host: University of Lisbon
Researcher: Felipe Albuquerque

Project ESR 11: American and European perceptions of the rise of regional powers

American and European Perceptions of the Rise of Regional Powers (GIGA) This project investigates representations of the rise of regional powers in the United States and the European Union.
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Host: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Researcher: Insa Ewert

Project ESR 12: Old powers’ reactions and responses to the rise of India

India is an emerging regional power that is democratic and shares European values and foreign policy goals in many ways.
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Host: Jawaharlal Nehru University
Researcher: Deepak Raj Pandaya

Project ESR 13: Domestic experts and policies: Shaping South-South cooperation of Brazil, India and China in health

Increasingly policy innovations originate from the Global South. Emerging economies undertook relevant reforms in name of their own development, which can be shared with other developing countries.
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Host: University Hamburg
Researcher: Manaíra Assunção