Project ER 1: Analytical Framework – Power and Region

Of great importance for the proposed ITN and the expected complementarities and synergies between the research teams are the concepts of power and region. Although both terms play a crucial part in the literature on rising states such as the BRICS, there exist no clear-cut or even consensual definitions of the terms. PRIMO starts from the premise that power is a multi- dimensional phenomena and that the foreign policies of rising non-Western states as well as their impact on global politics has to be approached with systematic attention to the regional layer of the international system.
This project will thus first compile an analysis of different forms of power. As a second step, it merges this analysis with recent debates on the significance of regions, regionalization, and regionalism in the study of world politics in order to develop a typology of varying self-understandings and foreign policy strategies of regional powers as well as different regional settings concerning, e.g. the relations to other states in regional contexts. Finally, the project will strive for a summary of theoretical assumptions on how the regional layer in combination with domestic politics impacts on the behaviour of the rising states in the international system.

University of Oxford