Project ER 2: Analytical Framework: De-Centring Regional Power

The rise of regional powers has coincided with a second shift in world politics: the increasing importance of non-state actors. Regional powers face a growing landscape of transnational civil society actors that seek to influence their policies. This project seeks to get a theoretical grip on the changing nature of state-society interactions within regional configurations and in world politics.
Moreover, the changing nature of international society can not be reduced to the activities of nonstate actors such as non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations. Of equal importance are changes in the structure and content of international institutions which enable as well as constrain the behaviour of the emerging powers. This project thus seeks to further the conceptual and theoretical tools necessary to assess both the influence of non-state actors and global institutional configurations on the identities, strategies and foreign policy behaviour of regional powers. It complements the first project by generating an overview of general processes and mechanisms that may explain particular patterns of cooperation and conflicts.

University of Hamburg