Project ESR 13: Domestic experts and policies: Shaping South-South cooperation of Brazil, India and China in health

Increasingly policy innovations originate from the Global South. Emerging economies undertook relevant reforms in name of their own development, which can be shared with other developing countries. In the health sector, policies and strategies introduced domestically by countries as Brazil, India and China are encouraging development cooperation projects abroad. Under the heading of South-South cooperation (SSC) Brazilian, Indian and Chinese experts travel to other developing countries and share their expertise. However, what does this expertise entail: which experts participate in SSC in health, and which knowledge about health problems and solutions do they disseminate in regions like Africa? Which differences exist between Brazilian, Indian and Chinese experts? The research project addresses these questions investigating how home-grown policy examples contribute to health development, particularly in African countries, and how Brazil, India and China are shaping global health and development debates.

University of Hamburg

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