Project ESR 4: Public Private Relations and the Promotion of Global Social Standards

Economic globalization has led to the need for a fundamental rethink of the relationships between states, markets and civil society. Western forms of interest representation, labour market regulation and environmental, health and social legislation appear to be challenged by newly industrialized states with different and often lower standards in these areas. Does globalization lead to a race to the bottom with regard to social, health and environmental rights, or is it rather a chance for the diffusion of such rights and norms as common global goods? Can and/or should global brands become global bearers of social and environmental norms?
This research project, will employ network analysis to investigate how public–private alliances do or may promote global social standards. It will also provide a comparative analysis of how different decision-making procedures, industry investment patterns and state subsidies for production facilities are linked to corporate social responsibility and environmental and health protection.

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