Project ESR 5: The Consequences of Limited Material Capacity for Brazil’s Foreign Policy (LISBON)

This project deals with the strategies and policies of Brazil’s rise. It starts with the observation that Brazil’s material capacity to exercise more influence at the regional and international levels is limited both empirically and in terms of its self-perception, and it explores an often-neglected social dimension of Brazil’s strategy to gain more recognition as a valuable global power.
Using a symbolicinteractionist approach, the project analyses the interplay of national self-conceptions and varying and often conflicting expectations about proper courses of action. While Brazil’s relations with Argentina, Venezuela and the US apparently play a more dominant role at the regional level, Brazil appears to make creative use of other international roles such as that of an advocate of human rights and a reformer of international institutions. The project also attempts to identify possible obstacles to the active multilateral orientation of Brazil’s foreign policy.

University of Lisbon