Project ESR 6: Emerging Powers in the IMF and the WTO: Group Hegemony, Multilateral Cooperation or Westphalian Reassertion?

Emerging powers have actively engaged in international institutions, seeking either to reshape or reform the existing rules of the game. The IMF and the WTO are contested institutions that provide economic governance in the areas of finance and trade. Hence, this project researches the interplay between the reform agendas and reform decisions of these two international institutions and the influence that rising powers have exerted on such processes in recent years.
Moreover, the project also studies the social interaction dynamics between the BRICS states as the challengers and the US and the EU as the creators of these institutions. By examining different issues on the reform agenda, the PhD candidate will compare the processes and mechanisms which lead to institutional stagnancy or even decline on the one hand and ongoing or even revitalized governance on the other.

St Petersburg State University