Project ESR 12: Old Powers’ Reactions and Responses to the Rise of India

India is an emerging regional power that is democratic and shares European values and foreign policy goals in many ways. In multilateral institutions, such as the United Nations, India pursues a policy of multilateralism and seeks to work for a truly multipolar world order. This has led to some confusion among old powers, such as the EU and the US, as to whether India is challenging the status quo and the existing rules within multilateral institutions.
The project analyses the reactions and responses of the EU to India’s foreign policy. How do these powers perceive India in the international system? Does India’s status as an established democracy and the existence of civil society organizations in the country influence its foreign policy and in turn shape the responses of Western powers? The project compares two time periods, and also draws comparisons between India and other emerging powers such as South Africa, Russia, and China.

Jawaharlal Nehru University


Deepak Raj Pandaya