Dr. Faiz Sheikh

Dr. Faiz Sheikh

ER2: Analytical Framework: De-Centring Regional Power

Host Institution: University of Hamburg

Contact: Faiz.Sheikh(at)wiso.uni-hamburg.de

I am a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow and PRIMO Experienced Researcher based at the University of Hamburg. My area of interest is non-Western International Relations (IR) broadly understood, focusing on religion, specifically Islam, to think about what an ”Islamic IR” might look like.

With PRIMO, I am exploring the way non-state actors, especially transnational religious communities, interact with regional powers. The rise of the BRICS is an opportunity to study non-Western approaches to religion in politics, transnationalism, and non-state actors. Such study will contribute to the de-centring of theoretical debates away from their Eurocentric foundations in IR.